Shuhao Liu
Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication,
Tsinghua University,Academy of Arts and Design
09.2014 - 06.2018

Master of Fine Arts in Design and Technology expected(06.2021)
Parsons School of Design
08.2019 - 06.2021


I have been a fan of history since I was a child, and have had an enduring interest in the human condition – the values that endure through time and the choices that humans have made that shape the present.

More recently, during my undergraduate training, I took a course in digital media design that provided me with a new perspective and enabled me to use more intuitive interactive methods and data to demonstrate human existence generally and individuals in social contexts. Broadly speaking, new media has progressed to the point where it has provided people with more rights and spaces to have their voices heard. 

However, given the explosion of information channels and the pace at which knowledge changes, every voice tends to become weak and exists only so long as the next “refresh” button is hit. As a designer, I have been thinking about how to use new media to record and recognize each individual against the background of our time – to create some kind of eternal existence from something seemingly insignificant.

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