Shuhao Liu
Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication,
Tsinghua University,Academy of Arts and Design
09.2014 - 06.2018

Master of Fine Arts in Design and Technology expected(06.2021)
Parsons School of Design
08.2019 - 06.2021

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Shuhao Liu is a passionate visual designer and creative technologist. During his design process,  he has been thinking about how to combine the various art forms and technology to build connections between the virtual and real world.

He graduated from the academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University with a bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design. Currently, he is a graduate student of the Design and Technology Department at Parsons School of Design in New York City, where he is studying interactive design, coding, User experience, User interface and other relevant majoring courses under top industry professionals.

Throughout his career, he believes that the combination of aesthetics and technology can maximize the power of design. Because of the combination, designers can think from the user’s perspective and propose a more humanistic and aesthetic solution. Most of his projects record and recognize each individual against the background of our time – to create some kind of eternal existence from something seemingly insignificant.

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