Package Design

For many beginning learners of cooking, those various and complicated recipes can be very confusing. Lack experience in procuring ingredients often casue difficulty to control the amount to be  purchased, which can be a waste of food.

Therefore, we want to design a package for beginners to cook quickly and save ingredients with a few simple steps.


After intensive research, we defined the characteristics of our package:

1. People can quickly use the package according to the instructions.
2.Manufacturers can fill ingredients easily.
3.Add a precise amount of ingredients to reduce waste.

We were inspired by the method of cracking the eggs, so we designed this package that allow users to pour ingredients fast and easy.

1. A single package
2. A 3-package combination
3. Using method
4. The unholded package

1. improve the packing structure.
2. Use clear numbers and brief prompts on the package to guide the user to use the packaging according to the corresponding steps.
3. A number of food packages are integrated together through long strips of outer packaging, easy to carry, and the spread of the outer package can also cut out a small table mat, which has the function of reuse.

1. A 4-package combination

2. A single package
3. Seasoning bag
4. Table mat

Single package unfolded view


1. After pulling out a single package, press both ends to open the package

2. Follow the steps on the package and place the seasoning in the pan in or

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