A game design project
for Globe game jam 2018 held at Shanghai

Mr.Real is a project made for Global Game jam 2018 held at Unity Shanghai, China. The theme is Transmission


Physical, chemical, social and informational transmission happens around us everyday. Among them, information is what we feel and experience the most as the Internet is becoming a modern necessity. Internet carries an enormous amount of information flow,and gradually shapes the digital society we live in today. However, Internet can be deceiving to the public when fake information prevails and people choose to believe in the rumor rather than the truth. This problem will get much worse with advancing technology where we can edit photos, sounds and other media at will but still pertain the realism. We want our game to touch on this topic, show the social significance and be thought-provoking.

Mr.Real is a hacker fighting for digital image originality in the 2050s. In this ear when all the Internet celebrities glorify themselves and sell fake goods to make money, Mr.Real can intercept the uploading image as soon as the celebrities click the”upload”button. His mission is to restore the real appearance according to the celebrity’s various posts on social media.



The gamer plays the role of Mr.Real in the game. The mission is to restore the real appearance of celebrities using information from their or others’ social media posts. The player should distinguish the authenticity and reliability of each piece of information.

The goal is to restore the truth. Avoid misleading the public by either restoring insufficiently or too much.

Opening scene is a vivid illustration animation of a celebrity posting her touched selfie. After restoring the appearance, the gamer can see how close the result is to the true answer, and what the overwhelming comments will be for your restored picture.

screen recording
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