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Macanon is a music game with the theme of Star and Canon, and we hope that players can feel the beauty of regularity by playing this simple game.


Canon is a kind of polyphonic music, which means to be"regularity"

Although all the sound parts of Canon imitate one part, the sound parts of different heights enter at certain intervals, resulting in a continuous and continuous effect.

in the composition of Canon,the tune of one part pursues another from beginning to end, until the last section they blend together to give the audience a sacred sense.

Part of  Canon in D major’s score


Because of the regularity of Canon, we chose the star as the visual element. At the same time, we have composed different parts of the Cannon.

-Parts in harmony with each other have matching tracks and vision.
-Dissonant parts of the sound have conflicting tracks and vision.

Players need to match several harmonious parts to play the wonderful Canon.


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