Tower of Babel: Meme

Collaborative Artwork

“Tower of Babel: Meme” focuses on how the internet memespread and evolve in our current culture and how the internet meme reflect and reshape the current culture from a common perspective.

In this project, the mechanism of internet meme will be shown by the interactions among audiences, since in real life, it is the spreading among meme users and the co-creation among meme creators have formed the community of internet meme.


The spread and evolution of internet meme form a new language system, which gives people in different cultures opportunities for dialogue.

“Tower of Babel: Meme”, which is a representation of the role that internet meme is playing in our culture and communication system. In this project, audiences can upload their own memes, and their memes will be bricks for building the Tower of Babel. By interacting with the memes uploaded by others, audiences can be a part of the spread and evolution of memes.

To be specific, audiences can upload their own memes, which will be bricks for the tower and last for a while, and they interact with other memes by clicking those meme uploaded by others, to build the “Tower of Meme Babel” together. Moreover, when audiences are interacting with those memes (for example, liking them), the sizes of those memes get larger and the time that they can stay in the tower longer, so they can be easier to see.In addition, these memes could become a collection of many variants.

Basically through this project, I want to simulate the process that how internet memes are building our current culture, and also what the role that everyone plays in this process. Audiences are actually taking part in this collaborative project. The internet memes that they have uploaded and interaction which they have done, together form the Tower of Meme Babel, which is also another purpose I want to achieve in this project: build connections between people by using internet memes.

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